Walkable Glass

Vintage cars on a glass catwalk. With an automobile exposition in 1999, we took a completely new path in design. The Vision for this exposition: Walkable glass, as widely used as possible. Our glass catwalk, bedded and glued from two sides and illuminated from below, created the stage on which the automobiles were presented.

Walkable glass – new paths. Today, walk-in glass is the material from which the most modern design solutions are created. Thomas Hammer and his professional team at the Stahl-Manufaktur use it to produce glass paths, glass walkways, glass staircases and glass presentation areas. Let yourself be inspired – by the many possibilities that walkable glass offers as a modern style element and translucent design material in your home, showroom or company.

Visit us at the Thomas Hammer Stahl-Manufaktur in Sinsheim, Rhein Neckar Kreis – Your specialist for railings, stairs and canopies. We would love to support you in your endeavors!